Greenland Gas & Oil Limited is a UK based, Greenlandic focused oil & gas exploration company with more than 4,200 kilometres of highly prospective untested onshore oil & gas concessions in the Jameson Land area of South Eastern Greenland.

GGO has built a exceptional team of E&P experts, corporate, financial & governance professionals from around the world all of whom are considered critical for maximising the Company's chance of success.

The GGO technical team has advised and acted for existing operators in Greenland, Canada and the UK as well as Dutch and Norwegian operators in the North Sea and have successfully managed multiple hydrocarbon developments, including production in areas similar to the Jameson concessions.

The GGO management team and board have global perspective and local experience together with strong in-country relationships.

The Jameson Land area is considered by GGO to be the most prospective & untested complete basin that has appeared in the industry for many years. Previous work by ARCO during 70's and early 80's identified multiple, very large conventional oil targets as well as potentially huge gas accumulations.
Jameson Land