The priority for the Company is to focus on its flagship Jameson Land Project through to partnership and ultimately exploitation.

The Company has identified multiple large conventional oil targets as well as several potentially very large gas accumulations. The Jameson Land model is remarkably similar to that of the North Sea where it is possible to demonstrate that Jameson Land is the onshore continuation of the prolific & producing fields found in Norway, both in terms of source and reservoir which have produced large and high quality hydrocarbon accumulations.

The Company’s focus on environmental and social aspects of its activities is another key priority. It is the Company’s view that well managed onshore activity in Arctic areas are simpler and more realistic in terms of infrastructure and technical requirements and pose far less of a threat to the natural environment and the people compared to offshore activity.

Further to this and based upon the above the Company will continue to expand its strategy of creating and maintaining a dominant position within the onshore areas in Greenland and to over time consolidate its position as the leading onshore exploration and development company in Greenland’s emerging oil industry.